jrosemary (jrosemary) wrote,

Address on File, Part Seven

Title: Address on File, Part Seven
Prompt: #7, Background
Author: JRosemary
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal and Peter 
Word count: 300
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Peter tries to convince Neal that maybe there can be more than one. 
Notes: Written for White Collar 100 Community; part of my My Old Man verse, which explores the father-son aspect of the relationship between Peter and Neal.


Neal was lazing on the couch with his feet up and a sketchbook balanced against his knees. Peter was next to him, serving as a pillow of sorts. Neal was facing away from him, but leaning back against his side--the side with his good shoulder, of course.

Peter was absorbed in the TV, but he wasn’t happy with whatever the Yankees were up to. He was even muttering at their pitcher.

Neal nudged him. “You’re supposed to be resting.”

“I am resting.”

“Cursing under your breath doesn’t count. You have to relax.”

“You’re relaxed enough for both of us.”

“I am,” Neal agreed, stifling a yawn as he put down his pencil. “I’m comfy here--maybe I’ll move in.”

“That might cramp your love life.”

“I’m not interested in a love life.”

“Could’ve fooled me. You flirt often enough.”

“That’s harmless. Kate was the one, Peter.”

Peter hesitated. “You think there can’t be another one?”

“Can you see yourself remarrying if something happened to Elizabeth?”

“She’d want me to. And I’d want her to remarry if I died.”

Neal digested that. “You two have talked about this?”

“Yeah. Did you and Kate?”

“No,” he answered, trying to keep his voice from sounding defensive. “We weren’t--we weren’t practical that way.” He paused. “Why are you interested in my love life?”

Peter shrugged. “I want you to settle down. Stop breaking into people's humidors." 

“My criminal background won’t attract the kind of lover you settle down with.”

“Was Kate that kind?”

“No, but I could have talked her into the white picket fence. I wanted to--I wanted us to be like you and Elizabeth. You knew that, right?”

“I guessed,” Peter said. “Look, don’t give up on the white picket fence yet, ok?”

Neal shrugged. “I’ll keep an open mind."


Tags: fan fiction, my old man verse, white collar, white collar 100
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